Your body is sharing your story.

It's time to Listen.



Finding Fabulous

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Psychosomatic Therapy

Creating a Mind-Body Connection

Young Living Oils

Using Young Living Oils during the body-mind connection process.

Our Custom Cabin

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What Clients are Saying

Group Sessions –

This was a wonderful and releasing experience to be able to join my little child, middle child, and adult child person to join all together and to be able to release the anguishes of the past.

This also gave me confidence to work on myself, to change my attitude towards my ex-husband and be able to lift my head and not be a victim anymore.

Thank you so much


Individual Session

This energy has helped me to heal my emotions by helping me feeling stronger and empowered to speak out.  I feel like I no longer live behind a mask being week and passive.  Now the heavy weight has been released to let me breathe with confidence and reassurance.



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