Your body is sharing your story.

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Finding Fabulous

Psychosomatic Therapy

I have a Masters Level Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy.

I have completed all required assignments and practical client assignments.  All documentations have been sent into the Australian Institute for review.

A Little about me:

I had a diagnosis of breast cancer in January 2010, with a reoccurrence in January 2013.  I was searching for some peace within myself. I found Psychosomatic (Psyche – Mind, Soma – Body) healing.   It allowed me to grow emotionally and accept my path with the momentum to move forward and enjoy life.  I am now on a path to empower others to begin their journey to heal.  Join me and begin your journey.

My Story

My name is Patricia Dalgleish.  I was born in a small town in northern Alberta and grew up on a farm.  I am the youngest of nine kids and was an auntie by the age of seven.  I was a fun and energetic teenager, who enjoyed dancing and a good party.  I moved to Edmonton in 1984.  I was a naïve small-town girl moving to the city.  During this time, I was hanging out with friends from Fairview.  I met my husband in 1991.  I had a bit too much to drinking and was being loud, that is how he noticed me.

He had three children from a previous relationship.  (I always said I would never marry a divorced man) well I fell for him quickly and we were engaged within eight months.  We married a year later.  I was now part of a family.  We had two children together.  Our youngest daughter graduated high school in 2016.  We will have an empty house, but have burst of fun with our seven grandchildren.  I love children and am totally enjoying the innocence they bring to our family.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010.  I proceeded with the process of surgery which included reconstruction along with a double mastectomy.  My husband noticed that the light in my eyes were dim.  I remember that I would walk from the bed to the chair very slowly.  My daughter would put a movie in for me and 15 minutes later I was sleeping in the chair.  Many days passed by when I was in this state; eventually I started getting physically better.  I had some chemo but chose to use a natural path doctor:  IV vitamins method of treatment as well.  Our family had watched my mother pass away from breast cancer, so I became very aware of possible death.  It brought me to reality, either life or death.

I was searching for something. 

I was keeping it together on the outside, or so I thought, but I was an emotional wreck.

I decided I needed to attend a body-mind-soul expo.  They had groups of psychics’ but I walked past a small man with a white beard.  There was something about him that was pulling me in.  I was drawn to his energy.  Herman Muller, founder of Psychosomatic Therapy which is based out of Australia.   Finally, Carole, a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner, approached me and informed of a few things.  I started crying instantly.  She told me that I was mothering the world and was forgetting about myself, pushing the past emotional traumas behind me and holding them in.  My body was showing where I was holding the emotions.

I signed up for the first day but at the time I just couldn’t meet the schedule for the rest of the program.  I then made plans to attend in October 2011.  I let go of so many emotional traumas I was holding in my body.  I went twice to all the classes and I completed my assignments and received my Certificate III in June 2013.

I learned how to let go of my past traumas, such as a young child grade 2, when I was allowing my classmates to make me feel unworthy.  I was taken advantage of sexually by more than one person, and yes, I new them.

We were poor, but I only felt shameful about it around the second grade.  I just didn’t feel good enough.   My inner child was wounded.

Psychosomatic Therapy was the beginning of my healing.  It was a start but I had to continue to do the work in my every day life.

In January 2013, I had a reoccurrence of cancer.  I had two surgeries, radiation and now use tamoxifen (a drug used to block estrogen).  During the first surgery, they didn’t get it all so I had to decide to remove the reconstructed left breast.  So, I had three mastectomies.  Straight up it is weird to have only one breast.  I do understand that I choose life over a breast, but it is still weird.  I do like to have my prosthetic breast, it balances me out and it feels good in clothes.   Again, I went to one of Carole’s classes; it settled me down and I found that if I die tomorrow I am in a reasonably healthy emotional state.   It is an ongoing journey, continuing to grow and learn.

I attended Certificate IV (Masters) in May 2016.

I feel strongly about this process.  I want you as a person, who has been on your own individual path to be able to start the process of letting go of your past emotional traumas that are trapped in your tissues.  Find an opening in your heart to your emotional healing.  Begin to have a body-mind connection and allow the energy to flow in your body.  It is a simple process with amazing results.  You learn to be aware and observe yourself and others from a different perspective.  The work is worth it, you are worth it.  Your body is sharing your story with you and others.  The question is:  are you listening?  I am now looking to share and guide others to begin the process of healing.  Join me and begin your path with a lighter heart.


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