Your body is sharing your story.

It's time to Listen.



Finding Fabulous

Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner

Psychosomatic (Psyche – Mind, Soma – Body)

  • Each of us has a different journey, story or trauma, mine was breast cancer.
  • You can’t be successful on the outside if negative beliefs on the inside are essential blocking you from feeling that you deserve to live your best life.
  • During my own personal experience with breast cancer, I discovered just how much we actually bring on our own physical illness by storing up all our destructive emotions and holding them in our body.
  • This program will aid in moving forward with the healing of our emotions. We all heal differently.
  • Take time to share your story in a safe environment. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and begin healing.
  • An introduction to Psychosomatic Therapy, which will give you the tools to get through the emotional days. Allow yourself the lesson or lessons that your path has taught you.
  • Allow yourself to surrender to what life has in store for you, at the same time not giving up.
  • Be grateful for all you have, become closer to feeling peaceful after facing the “dis-ease” or any other trauma that may have happened in your life.
  • It is important to find support and understanding within. You are not the only one who has a challenge to face.
  • Your body is sharing a story, the question is: Are you listening?


My business is “Finding Fabulous”, guiding you to find your “Fabulous” within.


Packages & Events

  • Group Retreat: Small intimate groups, where you have an opportunity to allow yourself to be vulnerable and give emotional healing a chance to begin.  The group sessions include a chance to share, learn the basics of body-mind connection.  The process of psychosomatic is awareness and alignment of your body.  Our bodies are speaking to us, listening is the starting point of self-love and self-mastery.
  • Consultation: A session where we begin to have a conversation about you and your body. Starting a timeline of your life, noticing your events in your life.  How your body was speaking to you.  It is all about you.  How your self-talk is playing a role in your life.
  • Face Reading: I observe at your face, indicate to you what I see in your face. Using my intuition and training I share what your face is presenting to the world.
  • Body-Mind Analysis: Your body is sharing a story.  I look closely and share what your body is presenting to the world.  I use my training and my intuition, and notice or listen to what your body is revealing.    I guide you to notice your body and how it loves you. Self love
  • Trigger Point Release: This session is on a massage table. I use my training and intuition, along with your intention.   I feel and guide you to release your blockages that are held in cellular memory within your body.  Our bodies hold seven generations of cellular memory, so is stuck in our body from our parents and grandparents.
  • Package A: Consultation with face reading, Body-Mind Analysis, Trigger Point Release. Each separate practitioner-client meeting is part of the process to find your greatness.
  • Package B: Three trigger point release
  • Trigger Point Release: One session
  • Young Living Essential Oils: 3801683 (Wholesale & Business)


The Power in Story Time

February 15th, @ 630pm – 830 pm- ProBiz Center  95 Mcleod Ave Spruce Grove, Alberta – donation


Your Power is Within Retreat

May 26th & 27th, 2018  9 am – 6 pm, Lunch included.  Location will be near Onoway.  – $197.00. 



Does fear hold you back, are you at ease within, can you express true feeling from the heart?   I invite you to join me so that you have tools to experience Freedom and Joy.  Learn to love again so you can improve relationships and feel happier.



p. 780-499-6930

Located in Onoway, Alberta, Canada.